CDI Forecast

Hyper-Local Climate Forecasting for

Proactive Decision-Making

Empowering Organisations with Climate Forecasts for Strategic Planning

Organisations of all types face increasing vulnerability to climate-related risks, making precise weather forecasting critical for proactive decision-making. CDI Forecast provides hyper-local and accurate climate predictions, allowing organisations to anticipate and mitigate the impact of weather events.

Why do organisations need CDI Forecast?

Organisations operating in different regions face various weather conditions that can significantly impact their operations, productivity and profitability. However, traditional weather forecasts that cover large geographical areas do not provide the level of granular accuracy required by businesses to make informed decisions.

IndraWeather is a cutting-edge hyper-local weather model designed for highly accurate weather forecasts. Indra works in conjunction with space and earth based weather sensors to provide pinpoint-accurate forecasts for specific geographic locations, down to the level of neighbourhoods, city blocks, or even individual addresses, and powers our CDI Forecast solution.

CDI Forecast is the cornerstone of mistEO's Climate Decision Intelligence suite, offering industries a strategic advantage through advanced weather forecasting. We deliver accurate, real-time climate data to support proactive decision-making and enhance overall resilience.

Make Decisions Proactively

Anticipate weather-related challenges and make informed decisions to minimise disruptions and optimise operations.

Mitigate Climate Risks

Enhance resilience by identifying and mitigating the impact of climate events on critical assets and infrastructure.

Optimise Resources

Optimise resource allocation based on precise weather forecasts, ensuring operational efficiency.

Why choose CDI Forecast?

CDI Forecast provides unmatched accuracy and reliability in weather forecasting. Our product empowers organisations to stay ahead of climate challenges, providing a competitive edge in strategic planning and risk management.

Hyper-Local Forecasting

Pinpoint weather conditions with unparalleled precision at the local level.

Timely Updates

Continuous monitoring and timely updates on changing weather patterns.

Customisable Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications tailored to specific weather triggers and thresholds.

Historical Data

Access historical data for detailed trend analysis and decision making.


Seamlessly integrate CDI Forecast's hyper-local weather data into your applications, websites, or systems using our developer-friendly APIs. Leverage the power of our proprietary IndraWeather models, enhance user experiences and support data-driven decision-making with accurate weather information.

mistEO's Indra weather forecasting model, which powers CDI Forecast is providing hyper-local weather forecasting for several communities in Southern India. The model coupled with our custom built automated weather stations (AWS) provide early warnings to the largest paddy farming co-operatives in the State of Kerala and helps an award winning commodity crop farmer with weather forecasting for his farm.

Both of these implementations utilise advanced technology to provide farmers with customised advisories that can be further tailored to specific weather impact on crops and other agri assets

Experience the power of CDI Forecast in transforming your approach to climate risk management. Contact us for a demo and discover how our hyper-local forecasting can elevate your decision-making processes.


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