Climate Adaptation Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Our suite of Forecast, Foresight, Insight, and Resilience modules caters to diverse industries, offering customised and tailored approaches to climate adaptation.


mistEO future-proofs agriculture with hyper-local weather and climate event forecasts forecasts , empowering farmers to optimise crop planning, manage resources efficiently, and mitigate climate-related risks, ensuring sustainable and resilient farming practices.


Addressing the unique challenges of the livestock sector, mistEO provides early warnings of heat stress and other climate insights, safeguarding animal welfare, ensuring optimal farm operations, and enhancing overall resilience in a changing climate.


Offering a crucial tool for risk management, mistEO equips financial institutions with climate intelligence, enabling informed decision-making, minimising weather-related financial risks, and fostering sustainable investment strategies.


Supporting the renewable energy sector, mistEO optimises energy production through advanced climate forecasting, enhancing the efficiency and resilience of renewable energy projects in dynamic weather conditions.


mistEO collaborates with governments to provide tailored climate insights, enhancing disaster preparedness, supporting infrastructure planning, and enabling proactive decision-making for climate-resilient communities.


mistEO supports the insurance industry with parametric risk solutions, providing accurate climate data for streamlined claims processing, reduced administrative costs, and prompt payouts, ensuring financial resilience against climate events.


mistEO contributes to healthcare resilience by offering climate insights that aid in preparedness for climate-related health challenges, supporting resource planning, and ensuring healthcare systems can adapt to changing environmental conditions.


mistEO enhances infrastructure resilience by providing comprehensive climate risk assessments, assisting in the design and construction of climate-resilient structures, and ensuring long-term durability and sustainability in the face of climate variability.

"We knew that the mistEO team had extensive experience developing heat load indexation tools for the dairy cattle industry in Asia, and we wanted to tap into that expertise to develop a new generation of heat load tools for feedlots. We are thrilled that feedlot operators will have a platform like Climate Decision Intelligence available to them as we approach next summer."

- Meat & Livestock Australia


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