Revolutionising Livestock with

Hyper Local Climate Intelligence

Elevating Livestock Welfare with Intelligent Climate Insights

The Livestock Industry faces climate-related challenges impacting animal health, feed availability, and overall operations. Climate risk modelling is essential for predicting weather extremes, enabling proactive management to ensure the well-being and productivity of livestock, including beef cattle, dairy cattle, goat, pig, poultry, sheep and camel.

mistEO is driving innovation in Livestock Management by offering precision climate intelligence. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with farm operations, providing real-time insights to enhance decision-making, optimise resources, and ensure the resilience of livestock operations.

Health and Welfare

Proactive climate insights enable timely interventions, ensuring optimal health and welfare.

Feed Management

Accurate forecasts assist in planning and optimising feed resources, reducing costs.

Operational Efficiency

Climate risk modelling enhances overall farm efficiency, minimising disruptions and losses.

mistEO for Livestock

Choose mistEO for a holistic approach to Livestock Management, combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of industry nuances. Our solutions empower farmers to achieve sustainable and profitable livestock operations.

Hyper-Local & Real-time Modelling

Continuous monitoring of local weather conditions for proactive decision-making.

Customised Livestock Risk Models

Precisely tailored solutions addressing the unique challenges of Livestock Management.

Feed Resource Optimisation

Predictive insights for efficient feed planning, reducing wastage and costs.

Climate-Resilient Livestock Operations

Ensure the well-being and productivity of livestock with proactive climate management.

Based on the CDI Insight Solution, CDI Insight for Livestock is our proprietary platform designed to help livestock farmers manage the impact of heat-stress on their animals. Our technology is currently playing a pivotal role in assisting Australian farmers in effectively managing the heat stress of over $1 billion worth of cattle. Best-practice industry modelling and advanced weather forecasting techniques have been incorporated to provide farmers with the most accurate heat-stress management platform for livestock.

CDI Insight for Livestock is designed to provide heat-load indexation and early warning systems for Feedlot Cattle, with more livestock categories to be introduced in the near future.

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