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Explore mistEO's comprehensive suite of climate solutions designed to empower businesses, governments, and industries to thrive in the face of climate challenges.


mistEO's solution portfolio begins with CDI Forecast, an advanced hyper-local forecasting solution powered by our exclusive Indra weather model. This proprietary model is meticulously designed to deliver exceptionally precise weather forecasts, ensuring that our clients have access to the most accurate weather information available.


Building upon the foundation of CDI Forecast, we present CDI Foresight, our top-tier Early Warning Platform. This platform is an essential line of defense against a wide spectrum of natural perils. By providing timely alerts and actionable intelligence, CDI Foresight empowers organizations to proactively prepare for, adapt to, and mitigate the impact of impending climate-related events.


For organisations in need of customised climate risk modelling, we offer CDI Insight—a comprehensive climate risk index and modeling solution. CDI Insight goes beyond generic solutions by providing tailored, bespoke modeling that offers actionable insights into the potential impact of climate events. These insights, in turn, guide the development of effective climate resilience and adaptation strategies.


To provide financial protection and mitigation in the face of climate events, we offer CDI Resilience—an advanced Parametric Risk Platform. This platform integrates cutting-edge climate modeling, real-time weather monitoring, historical data analysis, and comprehensive policy and term sheet management. The result is a range of bespoke parametric insurance solutions designed to safeguard against the financial impact of climate-related challenges.

"We knew that the mistEO team had extensive experience developing heat load indexation tools for the dairy cattle industry in Asia, and we wanted to tap into that expertise to develop a new generation of heat load tools for feedlots. We are thrilled that feedlot operators will have a platform like Climate Decision Intelligence available to them as we approach next summer."

- Meat & Livestock Australia


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