“The projected warming under current global emissions reduction policies would leave many of the region's (Australasia's) human and natural systems at very high risk and beyond adaptation limits... Delay in implementing adaptation and emission reductions will impede climate resilient development, resulting in more costly climate impacts and greater scale of adjustments.”*



"There's three approaches to our climate strategy that organisations of all sizes are considering right now, and there are companies and government bodies working on all three as well - there's 'Climate Mitigation' efforts, then there's 'Decarbonisation', and there's what's called 'Climate Adaptation', which is where mistEO is purely focussed. All three are necessary and urgent, however Mitigations and Decarbonisation are going to take a significant investment of time, while Adaptation is addressing the needs of governments, organisations and citizens of the world right now."

- Chris Wilson

Climate Mitigation

Efforts aimed at stopping or reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere and slow down the pace of climate change.


Removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that have already been emitted into the atmosphere to bring the planet back to natural levels.

Climate Adaptation

Encompasses strategies and measures taken to address the impacts of climate change that are already occurring or expected to occur. It involves adjusting to changing climate conditions and enhancing resilience.


mistEO is a CLIMATE FINTECH company providing climate change adaptation know-how and technologies to private enterprises and governments to overcome the cost of climate change.

We integrate a wide range of data sources, including satellite imagery, IoT, stationary sensors, radar and third party data into our proprietary platform to deliver climate intelligence services.

Our proprietary models have been developed with academic and industry experts in agronomy, animal husbandry and other niche fields to unlock insights that were previously unachievable.


mistEO is on a mission to empower businesses, communities, and governments with innovative solutions that navigate the challenges of a changing climate.

We are committed to providing accurate, data-driven insights, fostering resilience, and driving sustainable decision-making to secure a more climate-resilient future for all.


mistEO is a direct response to the pressing need for climate resilience. As our world undergoes significant changes due to climate shifts, there is a growing web of complex and interconnected risks that threaten economies, ecosystems, and societies. However, most organisations and governments remain unprepared, lacking the tools to effectively manage these challenges.

The core rationale behind the establishment of mistEO is rooted in the understanding that a one-size-fits-all solution cannot address the diverse climate-related risks faced by various regions, industries, and businesses. mistEO offers tailored solutions to its clients, whether they are engaged in agriculture, finance, healthcare, or other sectors. mistEO provides advanced risk modelling that helps organisations comprehend their specific threats and advanced notifications to stakeholders of impending adverse conditions.

mistEO recognises the crucial role of comprehensive climate data in informed decision-making and aims to bridge the information gap. We also champions a long-term perspective, emphasising climate adaptation. mistEO's goal is to empower businesses, governments, and communities to thrive in the face of climate challenges, building resilience and embracing a sustainable future.

In essence, mistEO's existence is dedicated to proactively managing climate risks and ensuring societies are well-prepared for the unpredictable impacts of climate change.