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About Us

MistEO is a computation sustainability company addressing opportunities created by extreme weather. Present-day anthropogenic climate change throws open opportunities to help businesses, organizations, and governments to adapt and be resilient. - both operationally and profitably. We are one of the few companies in the world working in this new and growing discipline focusing on computation and financial mitigation solutions addressed to meet sustainability targets by leveraging our expertise in climate economics, actuarial science, AI and spatio-temporal analytics.



    MistEO specialises in AIM services focussed on Weather Information Exchange Models for Aviation Meteorology. Our Aviation Weather Stack aggregates weather data and provides up to date information for air operators as well as aviation infrastructure, this includes advance warnings for extreme weather conditions that affect air operations.


    MistEO’s in-house actuary team works with insurance companies to create extreme weather risk insurance products in Infrastructure, Agriculture, Cattle Farming, Shipping, Telecom and Energy Sectors.


    Every year over US$12 trillion worth of international trade depends on weather at sea. MistEO is providing its AI expertise to the marine industry to mitigate the risk of extreme weather and constant wave action on both landside infrastructure and seafaring vessels. Our blockchain solution offers provenance in case of loss to the operators and shippers for transparent claim management.


    We work with grid network companies to predict supply and demand for power due to weather. Our weather AI models provide decision insights for Grid Operators, Power Exchanges, Suppliers and Power Traders to optimise and their power evacuation.

  • FMCG

    MistEO's proprietary AI based Customer Data Platform uses weather parameters for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns for our retail and high street clients.

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