CDI Reslience

Providing financial safeguards against

Climate Events

Weather-based Parametric Risk Platform for Financial Security

Organisations are exposed to financial risks due to climate events. CDI Resilience is crucial for mitigating these risks, offering a weather-based parametric risk platform that ensures financial security in the face of unpredictable weather patterns.

Why do organisations need CDI Resilience?

Businesses are exposed to various weather related risks that can significantly impact their operations. In addition to natural disasters - climate variability can impact crop yields, livestock operations, pest and disease outbreaks, energy usage and production (to name a few), resulting in adverse operational and financial impacts to businesses. Traditional insurance products can provide financial protection against some of these risks, but it has limitations such as high premiums, lengthy claim processing times, and insufficient coverage for small-scale businesses. As a result, many businesses have been hesitant to purchase the appropriate levels of insurance, which has left them vulnerable to losses.

CDI Resilience is mistEO's Weather-based Parametric Risk Platform. It combines state-of-the-art climate modelling, real-time weather monitoring, and historical data to offer tailored parametric insurance solutions. Businesses can customise policies to match their specific climate-related risks, ensuring financial protection precisely when needed.

With CDI Resilience, end customers gain a powerful tool to mitigate climate threats, reduce financial vulnerability, and secure a more resilient future.

CDI Resilience is the hallmark of mistEO's Climate Decision Intelligence suite, providing industries with a robust financial safeguard. Our product combines advanced climate modelling, real-time weather data, and policy and termsheet management for a comprehensive risk management solution.

Parametric Insurance Solutions

Customised insurance solutions based on automated weather triggers.

Financial Resilience

Mitigate financial risks associated with climate events through precise modelling.

Streamlined Claims Processing

Automated systems for efficient claims processing, ensuring prompt payouts.

Advanced Warning of Multiple Perils

Monitors and predicts various natural perils climate related perils, and monitor for anticipated impacts to your organisations operations, performance or stakeholders.



Bushfire / Wildfire


Extreme Heat

Wet Weather


Dangerous Thunderstorms

Key Features

CDI Resilience delivers an unparalleled ability to provide custom parametric insurance solutions, ensuring financial stability amidst climate uncertainties. Our product offers a proactive approach to financial risk management.

Customisable Parametric Insurance

Tailored insurance coverage to specific climate-related risks for precise protection.

Automated Claims Processing

Streamlined claims process for rapid payouts when pre-defined conditions are observed

Predictive Risk Analysis

Data-driven analysis to anticipate climate risks for proactive mitigations

Transparent and Efficient

Enhances resilience by simplifying insurance processes and providing clarity in risk management.

Multi-Peril Coverage

Monitor and alerts for multiple climate related perils in near real-time and with hyperlocal focus

Data Integration

Integrates data from various sources, including weather forecasts, sensor networks, and geological data.

In collaboration with Government of Kerala in Southern India, SmartCrop (based on CDI Resilience) helps farmers in the district of Palakkad with near realtime parametric insurance cover. Using real-time weather data (in situ and forecast), smart-crop triggers automatic payouts for insured weather events like dry spell, excess rainfall, wind fall, hail, flood and severe heat. This proactive approach aids farmers in recovering from climate-related challenges, protecting their crops and dairy businesses, and enhancing resilience against unpredictable weather.

Secure your financial future with CDI Resilience. Contact us to explore how our weather-based parametric risk platform can safeguard your industry against financial risks associated with climate events.


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