Revolutionising Farming with

Hyper Local Climate Intelligence

Climate-Smart Agriculture

The agriculture sector, vulnerable to climate changes, requires proactive strategies for sustainable practices. Climate risk modelling is vital for predicting weather patterns, optimising resource management, and mitigating the impact of extreme events, ensuring a resilient and profitable farming ecosystem.

mistEO pioneers Climate-Smart Agriculture by offering innovatice, advanced and highly integrated climate risk solutions. Our holistic approach combines accurate forecasting, early warning systems, and tailored risk models to empower farmers, enhance productivity, and foster climate-resilient agriculture.

Precision Farming

Tailored climate insights optimise planting and harvesting, maximising crop yields.

Resource Efficiency

Proactive risk assessments enable efficient resource allocation, reducing waste.

Financial Resilience

Innovative climate insurance solutions protect against losses, ensuring financial stability.

mistEO for Agriculture

Choose mistEO for unparalleled accuracy, sustainability integration, and a profound understanding of agriculture's unique challenges. Our solutions are crafted to elevate farming practices, making a lasting positive impact on the industry.

Hyper-Local Forecasting

Pinpoint weather conditions with unparalleled precision at the local level.

Early Warning Systems

Proactive alerts and risk assessments empower farmers to prepare for challenges.

Customised Modelling

Tailored solutions offer actionable insights, enabling proactive risk management.

Weather Parametric Insurance

Innovative insurance solutions streamline claims, ensuring financial resilience.

mistEO's Indra weather forecasting model, which powers CDI Forecast is providing hyper-local weather forecasting for several communities in Southern India. The model coupled with our custom built automated weather stations (AWS) provide early warnings to the largest paddy farming co-operatives in the State of Kerala and helps an award winning commodity crop farmer with weather forecasting for his farm.

Both of these implementations utilise advanced technology to provide farmers with customised advisories that can be further tailored to specific weather impact on crops and other agri assets

Explore how mistEO's Climate-Smart Agriculture Solutions can transform your farming operations. Contact us for personalised consultations and unlock the power of precision climate intelligence for sustainable and resilient agriculture.


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