CDI Foresight

Early Warning Platform for

Enhanced Climate Resilience

Empowering Organisations with Timely Alerts and Strategic Insight for Climate Adaptation

In the face of escalating climate risks, organisations require a proactive solution to prepare for and adapt to extreme weather events. CDI Foresight serves as a vital Early Warning Platform for climate perils, offering organisations essential alerts and strategic insights to build resilience.

Why do organisations need CDI Foresight?

Obtaining early warnings for hyper-local adverse weather is challenging for businesses due to limited data sources, high variability, and a lack of infrastructure at that scale. Weather models have lower resolution for hyper-local areas, and rapid, unpredictable weather development complicates forecasting.

CDI Foresight is our preeminent Early Warning Platform, providing essential safeguards against a spectrum of natural perils.

From landslides and lightning to bushfires, earthquakes, extreme heat, wet weather, floods, and dangerous thunderstorms, CDI Foresight leverages historical climate data, predictive modelling, advanced meteorological data and cutting-edge technology to monitor, predict, and alert users in real-time.

CDI Foresight is an integral component of mistEO's Climate Decision Intelligence suite, providing organisations with the foresight needed to navigate unpredictable climate events. We deliver timely alerts and decision intelligence to empower organisations in proactively managing climate risks and mitigating the impacts to their operations and stakeholders.

Critical Alerts

Immediate notifications via multiple communications channels for various climate-related perils to enable prompt action.

Tailored & Customisable

Tailor alerts and thresholds to specific climate risks and organisational needs.

Integration Ready

Seamlessly integrates with mistEO's Climate Decision Intelligence suite or other software systems

Advanced Warning of Multiple Perils

Monitors and predicts various natural perils climate related perils



Bushfire / Wildfire


Extreme Heat

Wet Weather


Dangerous Thunderstorms

Key Features

CDI Foresight delivers an unparalleled ability to provide climate event early warnings. CDI Foresight empowers organisations to proactively address climate challenges, ensuring robust resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Hyper-Local Forecasting

Pinpoint weather conditions with unparalleled precision at the local level.

Geospatial Mapping

interactive maps with detailed information on peril-prone areas.

Multi-Peril Coverage

Monitor and alerts for multiple climate related perils

Timely Updates

Continuous monitoring and timely updates on changing weather patterns.

Customisable Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications tailored to specific weather triggers and thresholds.

Historical Data

Access historical data for detailed trend analysis and decision making.

Data Integration

Integrates data from various sources, including weather forecasts, sensor networks, and geological data.

Utilising CDI Foresight for Lightning, mistEO, in collaboration with the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), has developed the Lightning Early Warning Information Dissemination System (LEWS). LEWS offers advanced notifications for lightning risks and dangerous thunderstorm alerts, providing crucial warnings up to 45 minutes in advance. This system is reinforced by an enterprise-class monitoring and message dissemination platform designed to promptly alert around 450 key ASDMA personnel, ensuring swift response and enhanced safety measures in the face of lightning-related threats and thunderstorms.

Elevate your climate resilience strategy with CDI Foresight. Contact us for a demonstration and discover how climate based early warnings and strategic insights can empower your organisation to navigate climate risks effectively.


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