CDI Insight

Tailored Climate Risk Modelling for

Informed Decision Making

Unlocking Organisation-Specific Climate Insights for Sustainable Decision Making

Every industry faces unique climate challenges that demand tailored solutions. CDI Insight is essential for organisations seeking precise climate risk modelling, enabling informed decisions and sustainable strategies in an ever-changing climate landscape.

Why do organisations need CDI Insight?

Businesses are exposed to various weather related risks that can significantly impact their operations. However, many businesses cannot quantify the level of risk nor calculate the operational and financial impact that these weather related risks will have on their operations. As a result, it is difficult for businesses to identify and adopt the appropriate climate resilience and adaption strategies.

CDI Insight is a comprehensive climate risk index and modelling platform designed to empower businesses and governments to proactively manage the impacts of climate-related risks and make informed decisions that are tailored to their unique situations. CDI Insight combines advanced climate modelling, early warning systems, and weather indexes to provide actionable insights into climate resilience and adaptation strategies.

mistEO's team of data scientists and climate experts collaborate closely with clients to develop bespoke climate risk models. These models can address a wide range of issues, from assessing the impact of climate change on agriculture and livestock to evaluating the resilience of infrastructure in the face of extreme weather.

CDI Insight is a bespoke and tailored component of mistEO's Climate Decision Intelligence suite, offering organisations customised climate risk modelling. Our product provides tailored insights, empowering organisations to assess climate impacts to their operations accurately and devise actionable adaptation strategies

Tailored Climate Modelling

Industry-specific climate risk modelling for accurate impact assessment.

Strategic Adaptation

Informed decision-making with insights to develop actionable climate resilience strategies.

Comprehensive Risk Indexes

A detailed and specific climate risk index guiding sustainable decision-making and resilience building.

Advanced Warning of Multiple Perils

Monitors and predicts various natural perils climate related perils, and monitor for anticipated impacts to your organisations operations, performance or stakeholders.



Bushfire / Wildfire


Extreme Heat

Wet Weather


Dangerous Thunderstorms

Key Features

CDI Insight delivers tailored climate risk modelling against organisational historical performance data and other required inputs, providing precise insights for effective decision-making. Our product ensures organisations are well-equipped to address their unique climate challenges.

Hyper-Local Forecasting

Pinpoint weather conditions with unparalleled precision at the local level.

Multi-Peril Coverage

Monitor and alerts for multiple climate related perils

Customisable Alerts

Receive alerts and notifications tailored to specific weather triggers and thresholds.

Regulatory Compliance

Assists an organisations in meeting regulatory compliance obligations

Historical Data

Access historical data for detailed trend analysis and decision making.

Organisational Data

Risk models created using your organisations specific historical data and past performance.

Data Integration

Integrates data from various sources, including weather forecasts, sensor networks, and geological data.

Based on the CDI Insight Solution, CDI Insight for Livestock is our proprietary platform designed to help livestock farmers manage the impact of heat-stress on their animals. Our technology is currently playing a pivotal role in assisting Australian farmers in effectively managing the heat stress of over $1 billion worth of cattle. Best-practice industry modelling and advanced weather forecasting techniques have been incorporated to provide farmers with the most accurate heat-stress management platform for livestock.

CDI Insight for Livestock is designed to provide heat-load indexation and early warning systems for Feedlot Cattle, with more livestock categories to be introduced in the near future.

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