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Weather Parametric Insurance Solutions

Unlocking Precision and Resilience for the Insurance Landscape

The insurance industry grapples with increasing climate-related risks, necessitating precise modelling to assess and manage these challenges. Currently, indemnity based insurance for businesses across the world do not provide the level of financial coverage required in a manner that is financially accessible. Climate modelling and forecasting data is essential for accurate underwriting, risk assessment, and sustainable growth, however is not widely available to provide robust financial resilience solutions.

mistEO provides a fully capable Parametric Engine matched with advanced hyperlocal climate event forecasting, policy and term sheet management. Our platform offers real-time insights, enabling insurance providers to optimise risk assessments, streamline claims processing and operations, and enhance overall financial resilience.

Precision Underwriting

Leverage accurate climate data for precise risk evaluation and underwriting decisions.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively manage and mitigate climate-related risks, reducing claims and optimising profitability.

Customer Confidence

Boost customer confidence by offering policies backed by advanced climate risk intelligence.

mistEO for Insurance

Insurance providers should choose mistEO for a competitive edge in risk management. Our solutions empower companies with access to accurate data and reliable systems to navigate evolving climate risks, ensuring sustainable and resilient insurance portfolios.

Near Real-time Climate Models

Stay ahead with up-to-the-minute climate data for informed decision-making.

Tailored Risk Models

Customisable solutions addressing diverse climate risks for insurance across regions

Claim Management Efficiency

Streamlined claims processing, reducing turnaround time and improving customer satisfaction.

Future-Ready Portfolios

Build resilient portfolios with insights into emerging climate trends and their impact on insurance risks.

Smart Crop - Our parametric insurance platform is live in India covering 2,500 farmers in Paddy and Chilli. The platform is going live in Uzbekistan supporting the government, insurance companies and the farmers in the country with a novel Takaful Parametric Weather Insurance product. The platform is now being customised for an MGA in the USA who works in the dairy industry.

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