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Climate change is a whole-of-society challenge that impacts every Australian. Despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are ongoing and unavoidable consequences unfolding due to climate change, which will continue into the medium to long term.

mistEO is taking action to protect Australians from more frequent and devastating extreme weather events, as well as the effects of longer-term changes in our climate. Core to this is our investment into Climate Risk Management Technologies and Assessments to better understand the risks and impacts on Australia from climate change.In the Banking, Credit, and Finance sector, climate events pose significant financial risks. Climate risk modelling is crucial for anticipating and mitigating these risks, safeguarding assets, and ensuring financial stability.


Australia is currently experiencing the tangible impacts of climate change, and there is a potential cost of $1 trillion by 2050 if appropriate measures are not taken to adapt and manage climate risks (Deloitte Access Economics, 2022).

Over the past decade, significant climate-related incidents like bushfires and floods have profoundly affected Australian society. Projections suggest that these events may intensify and occur more frequently in the future. Consequently, decision-makers at various levels, including government, businesses, and communities, must make informed decisions to effectively address and respond to the risks and impacts associated with climate change.

Governments at every level, businesses, households, and the community all play vital, complementary, and distinct roles in adapting to the impacts of climate change. Similar to the existing risk management practices in Australia, local efforts and private accountability will take a leading role in climate change adaptation in Australia. Those who effectively plan to adapt to expected changes will experience the most significant benefits.


The response of banks to climate change is currently anchored in risk management, missing the commercial opportunity of transition. The commercial opportunity can be seized by facilitating sustainable practices and by being Australia’s “transition bank of choice”.

Green Bond Integration

Integrating green bonds with Transition Pro for raising funds in green projects, to enhance transparency, accountability, credibility and impact measurement, enabling banks to mobilise capital for climate solutions and support the transition to a more sustainable and resilient economy. Integrating the issuance of green bonds with mistEO's Climate Transition Pro (CT-Pro) Platform can significantly enhance the effectiveness and appeal of these financial instruments for financing transition projects.

- Enhanced Transparency, Accountability, Credibility

- Impact Measurement

- Customisable & Flexible

Portfolio Analytics

Integrating emission capture data from CLM and combining it with climate projections provided by our platform (insights data), the bank would be able to understand the underlying risk in each project, enhancing the risk management and improved portfolio analysis. The integration of emission capture data from CLM (Client Lifecycle Management) with climate projections provided by mistEO's platform for portfolio analytics is a strategic move for banks to enhance its risk management and improve portfolio analysis.

- Emission Capture Data from CLM

- Climate Projections from mistEO’s CDI

- Ability to Understand Underlying Risks

- Improved Portfolio Analysis


Climate projections and climate credit risks (spatial and temporal) against each transition risk facing all businesses and sectors CT-Spotlight refers to a specialised analysis conducted by banks to shed light on climate-related risks and opportunities within various businesses and sectors. This analysis involves examining climate projections and climate credit risks, both spatially (geographically) and temporally (over time), against each transition risk facing these entities.

- Climate Projections

- Climate Credit Risks

- Spatial & Temporal Analysis

- Integration with Transition Risks

Net Zero Parametric Solutions

Offers sustainable financing solutions, coupled with incentives like carbon credits, to agri and livestock farmers who are ready to transition from traditional farming to sustainable farming. Net Zero Parametric Solutions" represents a strategic initiative by banks to support agricultural and livestock farmers in transitioning from traditional farming practices to sustainable, low-carbon alternatives.

- Sustainable Financing Solutions

- Incentives like Carbon Credits

- Transitioning from Traditional to Sustainable Farming

- Financial Support for Transitioning

- Measuring & Monitoring Impact

- Partnerships and Support Services


Specialised lending program for crop and livestock farmers, integrating climate data to assess and manage risks. Our platform utilises historical and projected weather data to identify regions prone to climate extremes. Flexible loan terms enable adaptation to changing conditions, with incentives for investments in climate-resilient practices and products. "CT-Pro Lending" is a specialised lending program offered by banks tailored specifically for crop and livestock farmers. This program integrates climate data to assess and manage risks associated with climate variability and change.

- Specialised Lending Program

- Integration of Climate Data

- Assessment of Climate Extremes

- Flexible Loan Terms

- Incentives for Climate-Resilient Practices

- Advanced Climate Risk Management Strategies

- Support for Sustainable Agriculture

- Continuous Monitoring & Support

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Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture - Supports early warning for the largest agricultural lending institution in India called NABARD. The solution is now covering seven states in India and expanding to twenty one additional states in the country with prospects of moving to Central Asia and MENA regions.

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